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SF & Fantasy
Science Fiction and Fantasy are my favorite categories when it cames to reading books. I have collected and read those books since I could read. So I have a huge collection of known and unknown titles from different authors; because I am from Germany most of them are in german and again some of them so old that there are not available any more...

When your are interested in astronomy, stars, black holes and other interesting things, you will find some books in this section. Also you can find books related to other fields of interest in this section.

In this section you will find, books about Pascal, C++, UNIX, Solaris, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, or databases.

Project Management
In this section you will find some very interesting books about project management and relationship management within the project team.

Time Life
A very nice set of books about some nice places on this planet with great articles and greater images are stored in this section.

Yoko Tsuno
Yoko Tsuno is a comic serial about a japanese woman, her friends and their adventures in different location on earth and in space.

Books that are not fitting in any of the other categories are stored here.

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