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In this section one will find all the books I own, ordered by category and with links to the correspondent amazon.com or amazon.de site.
Because many of my books are a little bit older, you may not be able to find them any more in either one of these stores. To redirect to the amazon.com/de site please select the the title of the book. When this doesn't work you can try the link to the author or to the series. If the book has no picture it could be a good sign that this book is not available any more.
I have collected and read most of the books and I will try to provide a little description or valuation for each book. But that can take a while..
Science Fiction
From my earlier childhood books via series like "Mark Brandis", "The Foundation Trilogy" to "Star Trek Classics" and "Next Generation" and many moore. Something like nearly 500 books, so feel free to look at the list...
Programming These books are work related and displaying my interests in C++, HTML, DHTML, Perl, SQL and related fields.
Project Management Sure, this section is also work related. During the last years I was more and more responsible, not only for a small work package, but also for complete project realization, including budgeting, schedule controlling, and resource management. Books that helped me expanding my knowledge in these fields are placed in this section.
Time Life,
Yoko Tsuno , and
Books about nature (Time Life set), a collection of my favorite comic serial called "Yoko Tsuno" and some 'normal' books, like novels, which are not work or Science Fiction or Fantasy related, can be found in this section.
My complete music cd collection can be found in this section, again some of the cd's might not be available any more. But feel free to surfe through it.
Comedy Helpless romantic? In the mood to view a nice, romantic, comedy? You are in the right section, please come in and look around!!
Drama & Crimne Not much in here, only a few dvd’s. I am not really a fan of this genre.
Action This category is also not one of the big ones. It is difficult to fill this section, because most of my action dvd’s are in the science fiction section.
Science Fiction Okay, here we are after the comedy section, this is the second section with some more dvd’s in it.
Music Not much but very good !!! The Corrs, Shania Twain, and one of the best musicals I've ever seen 'Moulin Rouge'!!
Science Something on DvD from Stephen Hawking. I am working on it.
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